Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanks for the Reminder

Oh my! Oh my! Just when you thought everything is going to change in the new year. Bam!! Reality hits you hard. I remember now why I am so stressed being a teacher in this school.  No! it's not about the students. It's the teacher! Not all of them but majority some of them.

For the past few days, I've been conducting my classes in the laboratory so there was less disturbance from the outside 'world' due to the the lab location. But today, having to teach in the good ol' classroom again, my conscience was re-awaken on why I hate this place; 

lack of non-existent class control from the neighbouring classes.

(I think I have made an entry about this before) While I am knocking some senses teaching my class, a lot of students were loitering around outside, disturbing the peacefulness of my class. Once they saw me walking towards them, they'll scrambled quickly.  Some entering the adjacent classes. some going downstairs. I was a lil bit furious with them but the furious feeling quickly changed to awkward (and more murderous furious) upon seeing there is a teacher gaji buta-ing teaching in that particular class.

WTF are you doing? Instead of being a life-size dummy, please be a real teacher for once!!

Sometimes I feel like marching in there and give that particular teacher a piece of me advice on how to be a teacher.  Seriously. You are not just NOT DOING what you are supposed to do but you are making other teacher job more difficult.  That was like a double whammy on your professionalism.  Arggh!! If you don't or can't or won't teach.. JUST leave the profession! Go fly kite or something. You are driving me nuts!

P/S: Yes. I know I am not perfect either, and although I have mixed feeling about my workplace, atleast I am trying my very best to do my job! Maybe it s time for you to do the same.

CikguKeAku? I am furious. I don't like freeloaders i.e gaji buta people and people who make my life more difficult as it is now.

Ohwai! My new mantra; Less complain, more do'a


Anonymous said...

tau tak pa.. haha.. aku juga mengalami nasib yg sama di blok form 3 td..better mengajau di lab.. lbh aman..

FriDay dA FourtH said...

Kan? Tu sebab meeting haritu aku macam nak request langsir. Konon nak bagi 'gelap' tapi sebenarnya supaya lab yang aman tu bertambah tenteram dari gangguan anasir sekeliling :) Tapi tak terkeluar permintaan tu memandangkan tahun lepas dah mintak, tapi.......