Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KFC A.M. Blueberry Pancake Platter Combo is an Insult!

 Introduction.. LOL

When we see a picture, even if it is just a sketch, we would love to imagine that it will be exactly the same in reality..

My kitchen sketch, after 2 days brain-storming session with my I.D., Alvin

My real kitchen, 80% like the sketch we agreed upon earlier, except in reality there are too many stuffs :)

 Ok. Now the real reason for this entry. 

I've just finished cleaning up my kitchen because I want to cook a hearty breakfast tomorrow morning. I seldom cook in the morning but after a devastating, heartbreaking, money-wasting incident at KFC this morning, I am so determine to prepare a better breakfast with less $$$.

Oh, Look what I found on the net!!

It looks so delicious together with that melting butter and fluffy pancakes

Owai! Although I have sworn never to eat anything that come out from KFC kitchen again after the infamous chicken-in-foot video (click here) that when viral a few months back, I decided to break my pantang when  I saw this picture and the TV commercial too many times until I couldn't resist any longer. It does look nice and filling.


Doesn't look that delicious anymore aite?

What I received this morning was a FAILURE!! Why?
  1. The scrambled egg was just 1/2 an egg (or maybe less) put in the small container (the same container which they serve small coleslaw/mashed potato).
  2. Hash brown was 1/2 a hash brown. (Yes. They cut it too. Blurgh!)
  3. And the so called hot pancake was not a bit warm. I tried putting butter on top of it but it just won't melt (cry)
  4. The size of the pancake was almost the same of the cover of the coleslaw container (refer the real picture, then look at their imaginary picture, let say it together: F.A.I.L.U.R.E)
  5. It took me less than 5 minutes to finish them all and the saddest part was I was still hungry!! So I went to Mamak's for a lip smacking tosei (80 sen only mind you!)
It was so sad and I feel cheated, by the misleading picture, the advertisement and all. With the same value, (RM8.60) I could go to Mamak or any roadside stall or even McDonald's and feast like a king.

This is what we called Daylight Robbery misleading advertisement.

I did complain about the breakfast set (nicely) to one of the staff and fill-up the comment form but I am 100% sure no one will ever bother. (unless of course someone spit on the batter and make a youtube video out of it).  So that's it. I guess I won't be contributing any cent to them starting from now.

So my resolution, (for tomorrow at least).

I'm gonna prepare my own American style breakfast and satisfied my craving for a hot pancakes!!

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