Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bola Baling Revisited

Kapit2 Oh Kapit2

SMK Kapit 2 Handball Team revisited.

(macam hampeh je nama, macam kena sedia pulut kuning bagai)

Tahun pertama -- I did them and you guys just watched and learn
Tahun kedua -- I supervised and you guys did them.
Tahun-tahun seterusnya -- I lepak and you guys have become a real pro!! 

..and that my friends.. is the definition of TEACHING.

Tetiba ter-visited ni, mesti ada sebab. But do I really have to have a reason to reminiscence my good old days in good old Kapit2? 

Macam-macam sebab.  Tapi lebih kepada persoalan kenapa setiap kali aku bagi idea.. not a single fucuk (fucuk is sayur tauhu lah) was given. Is it wrong to teach students something outside the norm syllabus?

Really hates the surrounding. Hate sounds rather harsh but truth does hurts aite?

Kawan aku cakap.. jangan sampai jadi 'guru 25 hari bulan' which means Cikgu yang tahu cocok gaji sahaja.. and I am afraid sooner or later I might become one if I stayed here.

Yes, I know; less rambling... More do'a.

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