Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Journey Back

(A Journey HOME sounds awkward for now, hence the word BACK) Heading back to Melaka today. Feels like nothing been accomplished in the past few days I'm in KL. (Can I start over?) Apa je yang aku buat ye? Not much, but I've spent more than RM4000 during this 4 days period!! The biggest purchase would be a brand new spanking leather seats (wrapped/stitched in) for my ride that set me back for RM2200. Harga asal ialah RM2500. I guess my haggle-til-satisfied days are over. I thought they could do it on-the-spot, (sekarang kan semuanya pantas) but boy was I wrong. They were fully booked till near-end Feb. I left my planner & can't remember (read: I don't care) which Saturdays were the replacement school days so the appointment is set on 26th Feb (the 'safest' date coz I'll be in KL for sure). So come 26.. my car will batu-bata!! (rocks!!)

Sekarang ada 5 hari lagi sebelum sekolah buka semula, and 38 days til another week of holiday (yes, I am THAT eager when it comes to school holiday, that's why this blog is named cikgukeaku - I am questioning myself, save someone else trouble from doing that).

There is a lot of stuff I want to do. Hopefully all can be accomplished in the next few days. I am lagging behind.

P/S: I am planning for a get together with my Jasin's friends this CNY. Hope the plan will materialize. ~Ya Allah, permudahkanlah perjalananku hari ini. Semoga aku selamat sampai ke Melaka semula. Amin...~

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