Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ceritera Kejatuhan KFC Paling EPIC!!

(someone suggested changing the entry title to "KFC Just Give Away Their Double Zinger Burger for Every Purchase Of 55 cent bun") lol

I suggest reading the entry first before watching the video because it will be funnier. LOL

Okey. Now the drill:

KFC just announced a promo today (14th Dec) where customer could get a Zinger Combo with any purchase. YES!! With ANY purchase, even a bun!! The T&C are like the usual stuff including the oh-so-famous 'while stock last' term.

Here is the coupon:

Oh.. Don't bother printing.

The said coupon was taken down merely 4 hours after it was published. 

Resulting rages in their official FB. I won't even bother to give the link here.

Yes. I do agree the luck is on their side because of their 'while stock last' T&C. (or else some well educated customers or customer who read law will surely sue them)  But, but, for the coupon to have a 30 days expiry date (14 Dec 2011 to 15 Jan 2012). A 5-hour run then claiming out of stock is really ridiculous!! Where did they find their marketing people? A UPSR graduate?  Didn't they do any research what-so-ever?  This is like the zillions time they try to copy McD's but  this time KFC failed epically!!

It is like making an announcement that they are going to sell Double Zinger burger BUT with only 2 pieces in stock.. LOL. The marketing team FAILED!!

Maybe this is what people called KARMA (can't used that word) payback time after all the hiatus  over the kaki-ayam-kaki's youtube video (I even got kicked out from their FB wall after making a nasty comment LOL) and robbing people money on their 'oh so nicer than McD's pancake' shit advertisement.

And to say that this is just Malaysian mentality; Raging over stupidious (is that a word?) thing. I would like to say "ain't everybody wants a free lunch?".  

Besides, I do remember some times ago, there is a Starbucks buy 1 free 1 AMEX promotion. The promotion was supposed to end November this year but ended around August or September. People with AMEX had a good time and the promotion lasted at least for 6 months. When AMEX said no stock, people just took the news sportingly.

This KFC on the other hand, is BULLSHIT! Less than 24 hours. Maybe you didn't proof-read the coupon (get Zinger Combo with ANY purchase??) We know u rugi, but that is your problem.

CikguKeAku? It's not about the MONEY. It's about the PRINCIPLE.

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