Monday, June 20, 2011

Lie To Me :)

Aku jumpa artikel ni sewaktu merewang kat alam maya (terima kasih kepada Yahoo! Answer), pasal mengesan penipuan..

(kalau rasa panjang.. baca penghujung sekali entri ni pun dah mencukupi... Peace!)

Experts in deception know that:

> Truth tends to make sense: Words, body language and actions fit into each other nicely when someone’s telling the truth.

> There’s one emotion for every reaction: If an honest person likes your shoes, they will smile first and compliment them or vice versa. A “liar”, on the other hand, will do both at the same time and their reactions will last less than normal.

> When responding to a direct question, a liar will use the same words used by the person interrogating them. For example: “Did you break the vase?” “No, I did not break the vase”.

> Emotions are mirrored in our whole face: Someone who really smiles does so with eyes and brows, too. Liars smile just with their lips.

> Liars tend to touch different parts of their faces when they tell a lie. Nose scratching, lip-biting and head-scratching are some of the tell-tale signs of deceitful statements.

> A liar will take a little longer answering a question than a person who is telling the truth.

> When someone is guilty, they become aggressive when defending themselves. An innocent person will question the reasons they’re being blamed rather than become defensive.

> A liar will try to keep communication to a minimum when it comes to the person they’re lying to. If they must talk to this person, they will be visibly uncomfortable on most cases.

> Liars don’t emphasize different parts of their speech while someone who is telling the truth will accentuate the important bits of information in a story.

> Liars tend to speak more than necessary or lying.

> When lying, people place objects (glasses, pens, books) between them and the person being lied to.

> Some liars rub their eyes unconsciously to avoid eye contact with their listener.

> If a person shakes their head while making an affirmative comment, it’s likely that they’re change the subject immediately after lying.

 > Someone who lies will make up excuses before they’re asked to give them.

Tapi aku punya kaedah nak kesan lagi senang..

>Just go and look at yourself in a mirror . You may catch a glimpse of a true LIAR. 

Betul tak? Jangan tipu ;)

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